2023 Nine News Australia Day Jetty to Jetty


Registration: Registration will open at Grange Jetty Reserve at 7.30am. Registration will close at 9.15am. ON THE DAY ENTRIES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.

Collect your race number from the name boards, then proceed to the registration desk in the appropriate line for your age category. At registration you will receive a coloured cap according to your age category and starting wave. Also a timing band to be placed on your wrist. You can then proceed to a marshal to have your race number written on both upper arms (or hand if wearing a wetsuit).

Course: The 2023 Nine News Australia Day Jetty to Jetty Long Swim starts at the southern side of the Grange Jetty and finishes on the southern side of the Henley Beach Jetty. There will be 2 yellow guide buoys along the course between the jetties and a third yellow buoy approximately 20m from the end of the Henley Jetty which is a compulsory turning buoy.

The finish is when you touch your timing band to the overhead pad of the gantry. Then make your way to the shore, exiting through the Channel Nine arch where your timing bands will be collected and refreshments available.

Race Briefing: Race briefing will occur at 9.15am at the Grange Jetty Reserve. At the conclusion of the briefing, swimmers will be asked to move to the marshalling area on the beach, at the southern side of the Grange Jetty into their designated swim waves. Swimmers wanting to warm up should do so on the northern side of the jetty.

Marshalling: Marshalling will occur on the beach at Grange at 9.45 am sharp.

Starting: The 2023 Swim starts at 10.00am. The swim will have starting waves with a 3 minute gap between each wave.

In 2023 the waves will based on age groups with all swimmers of the same age group starting at the same time. Some waves will be larger than others but the starting line will be adequate to ensure all swimmers have a safe start.

The start line is between 2 buoys placed at appropriate depth for a deep water start.

Starting Waves and Cap Colour:

10.00am Start 1. 70+ Years. Fluro Pink

10.03am Start 2. 65-69 Years. Fluro Orange

10.06am Start 3. 60 to 64 Years. White

10.09am Start 4. 55 to 59 Years. Red

10.12am Start 5. 50 to 54 Years. Fluro Green

10.15am Start 6. 40 to 49 Years. Yellow

10.18am Start 7. 30 to 39 Years. Fluro Orange

10.21am Start 8. 11 to 29 Years. Fluro Pink

Presentations: Presentations and results will be announced at a ceremony, approx. 12 noon on the Henley Square grassed are near the Surf Club.

Results: Results will be available online immediately after the swim.

Trophies: Trophies to be presented:

Fastest Masters Female. Wingate Trophy donated by MSSA.

Fastest Masters Male: Ted Geary Trophy donated by MSSA.

Swimming SA Fastest Female. Donated by Westbeach Community Bendigo Bank.

Swimming SA Fastest Male. Donated by Westbeach Community Bendigo Bank.

Oldest Female Swimmer. Simons Trophy donated by MSSA.

Oldest Male Swimmer. Darryl Hawkes Trophy donated by MSSA.

Nine News Jetty to Jetty Masters Team Award. Donated by Channel 9 for the Masters club with the most accumulated points.

Awarded for the highest accumulated points as follows:
• 4 points for the highest place in the age group
• 3 points for the 2nd highest place in the age group
• 2 points for the 3rd highest place in the age group
• 1 point for every swimmer completing the distance.

Marjory Muller Cup. Donated by MSSA for the club with the highest average point score.

Age Group Winners. The following top 3 in each group for females and males will be awarded a trophy:

11-12 years, 13-14 years, 15-17 years, 18-24 years, 25-29 years, 30-34 years, 35-39 years, 40-44 years, 45-49 years, 50-54 years, 55-59 years, 60-64 years, 65-69 years, 70-74 years, 75-79 years, 80-84 years, 85-89 years, 90+ years.

The fastest masters swimmer in each age group will also win a trophy.

10 and 20 Year Awards. Awards will be presented to those who have completed 10 and 20 Jetty to Jetty swims. Our records indicate that many swimmers will achieve their 20 or 10 Year Awards if they complete the swim in 2023. These awards will be presented at the Presentation Ceremony at Henley.

Swimmers to complete their 20 year Swim are: TBC.

Swimmers to complete their 10 year Swim are: TBC.

If there are any more swimmers eligible but not listed please let us know and we can check our records. There have been issues with spelling and name changes in the past.

Gear Drop: Bags can be placed in a vehicle at Grange. They will be transported to Henley for pick-up after the swim. Gear tags will be available at the registration desk.

Timing: Event Strategies will be the official timer and recorder for the Nine News Australia Day Jetty to Jetty Long Swim. All swimmers will be issued with a wrist timing chip on Registration. There is important information in the registration section on how to wear wrist timing band and tapping the finish gantry.

Rules and Regulations: A spirit of friendly competition should be maintained throughout the race. Any un-sportsman like conduct could lead to immediate disqualification.

Decisions of the event officials are final and are not subject to appeal.

Water cover personnel are considered race officials.

Swim: Swimmers will be required to adhere to Masters Swimming Australia General Rules and Open Water Swim Rules as applicable at the close of entries. No extraneous aids are allowed. Goggles are allowed and recommended. The wearing of heavy jewelry and watches is not allowed due to safety requirements. The wearing of non-approved FINA swim wear and wetsuits will disqualify the swimmer from any awards or points for team awards. Swimmers are required to have an official swim cap issued at registration which must be worn at all times to the finish of the swim.

Organisers reserve the right to withdraw swimmers at any time preceeding or during the race.

A time limit of 1 hour 15 minutes applies from the start of the last wave of swimmers (11.36am).

Swimmers must swim the course as described.

Swimmers who cross the start line before the start signal may be disqualified.

Race officials have the authority to remove a swimmer from the race if they are judged to be incapable of finishing the race or are at risk, or the time limit has been reached.

2023 Age Limit: The 2023 Nine News Australia Day Jetty to Jetty Long Swim will only be open to entrants aged 18 and over with the exception of Swimming SA Members aged 11 upwards.
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A swim between the Henley and Grange Jetties has been a feature of Australia Day celebrations in South Australia for over 100 years. The tradition began in 1917 when the Henley and Grange Swimming Club held the first event.

Masters swimmers began competing in 1983 as a separate group of swimmers. Interest from Masters swimmers has grown and to this day remains high.

2002 saw the first Masters Swimming (SA Branch) Jetty to Jetty Australia Day Long Swim for swimmers over the age of 18 years. The SA Branch undertook this swim to maintain the tradition of a long swim between the jetties on Australia Day. Such a swim has very strong support from Masters swimmers and the SA Branch hopes that the event will grow in stature in coming years to rival some of the open water long swims in other states. In 2004 the age limit was dropped to 13 years due to interest from younger swimmers and the absence of any alternative events for "budding" young distance swimmers. As of 2014 the event changed back to swimmers 18 years and over due to insurance issues.

We partnered with SwimmingSA in 2018 to continue the tradition with swimmers 11 years and over able to participate again in this great long swim!

We would like to thank Masters members for their strong support and commitment to this event and wish all competitors a safe and enjoyable swim!

Jetty to Jetty Trophies

Masters Fastest Female Swimmer (Wingate Trophy) - A perpetual Trophy donated by Masters Swimming SA.

Masters Fastest Male Swimmer (Ted Geary Trophy) - A perpetual Trophy donated by Masters Swimming SA.

West Beach Community Bank SwimmingSA Fastest Female - A perpetual Trophy donated by West Beach Community Bank.

West Beach Community Bank SwimmingSA Fastest Male - A perpetual Trophy donated by West Beach Community Bank.

Age Group Winners - The following Age Groups will apply in both Male and female.

11 - 12, 13 - 14, 15 - 17, 18 - 24, 25 - 29, 30 - 34, 35 - 39, 40 - 44, 45 - 49, 50 - 54, 55 - 59, 60 - 64, 65 - 69, 70 - 74, 75 - 79, 80 - 84, 85 - 89, 90 & Over

First, Second and Third Placegetters in each age group (Fastest Times) will receive awards.

Oldest Male Swimmer (Darryl Hawkes Trophy) - A perpetual Trophy donated by Masters Swimming SA.

Oldest Female Swimmer (Simons Trophy) - A perpetual Trophy donated by Masters Swimming SA.

Nine News Jetty to Jetty Team Award - The Nine News Award will be presented to the Masters Club with the most accumulated points.

Points will be accumulated in each age category above on the basis of:

* 5 points for the highest placed swimmer in age group

* 4 points for the next highest placed swimmer in age group

* 3 points for the next highest placed swimmer in age group

* 2 points for the next highest placed swimmer in age group

* 1 point for every club member who completes the swim

NB. Swimmers must be registered with Masters by the date of the event for the current year of the swim to be eligible for points.

Completion Awards - Awards will be presented annually to all swimmers who complete their 10th swim and for each subsequent 10 swims.

Trophies will be presented by various sponsors and dignitaries.

Perpetual trophies will be retained by Masters Swimming SA each year. Winners will receive replica trophy.

Previous Trophy Winners

10 and 20 Year Achievement Awards

J2J All Finishes Including 2020

J2J Female Winners 2002 2020

J2J Male Winners 2002 2020