2023 MSSA Open Water Swim Championships Summary

The 12th annual MSSA Open Water Swim Championships were held at Somerton Beach on 15 January. A brisk wind meant for choppy conditions which challenged all competitors, particularly those in the longer 3km race. There were 131 entries (121 swam), down from the record 168 entries in 2022. 

The overall Female and Male winners in the 3 km event were Leila Nazimi (SHB) and Luke Bell while the 1km winners were Stephanie Palmer White (SAM) and Mark Preiss (SAO). 

Team Trophies were hotly contested with Marion winning the Aggregate Points Trophy (ahead of Adelaide Masters and Phoenix) while Henley Beach won the Average Points per Swimmer Trophy (just ahead of Phoenix and Uni SA). 

Golden Marlin trophies for completing 10 Marion swims were presented to Julie Bowman (SAM), John Gamlen (STT) and Marin Slunjski (SHB), while Tony Fowler (SMR), Michael Harry (SAM), Maryanne Heffernan (SMR) and Serena Murphy (SPH) were presented with 20-year awards.

The Barb Pearce Trophy, awarded to the oldest female to complete all open water swims in the 2021-22 Series was presented to Pauline Smith (SHB), age 80.

Thanks to Ben Warr, Open Swim Coordinator, and all the Marlins who assisted on the day and Somerton SLSC for providing excellent water cover.

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