Each Pool Session will commence with Warm Up at 8.00am and Racing commencing at 9.00am

The Open Water Swims will be held at Brighton Beach, Check-In from 8.00am, Briefing at 9.20am, Racing commencing at 10.00am

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Time Line

**Please note that these times are only a guide line

Tuesday 19 March 2019
Event 1 800m Freestyle 9.00am
  Opening Ceremony 9.45am
Event 2 100m Breaststroke 2.25pm
Event 3 50m Butterfly 3.05pm
Event 4 200m Backstroke 3.30pm
  Finish Time 4.50pm
Wednesday 20 March 2019
Event 5 100m Butterfly 9.00am
Event 6 50m Breaststroke 9.25am
Event 7 200m Freestyle 10.00am
Event 8 200m Individual Medley 11.50am
Event 9 Women’s 4x50m Medley Relay 12.55pm
Event 10 Men’s 4x50m Medley Relay 1.10pm
  Finish Time 1.20pm
Thursday 21 March 2019
Event 11 200m Breaststroke 9.00am
Event 12 50m Freestyle 10.10am
Event 13 400m Individual Medley 11.00am
Event 14 100m Backstroke 12.10pm
Event 15 Women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay 1.05pm
Event 16 Men’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay 1.15pm
  Finish Time 1.25pm
Friday 22 March 2019
Event 17 400m Freestyle 9.00am
Event 18 50m Backstroke 11.45am
Event 19 200m Butterfly 12.25pm
Event 20 100m Freestyle 12.55pm
Event 21 Mixed 4x50m Medley Relay 2.05pm
Event 22 Mixed 4x50m Freestyle Relay 2.30pm
  Finish Time 2.50pm
Saturday 23 March 2019
Event 23 1.5km Open Water Swim 10.00am
Event 24 3km Open Water Swim 10.00am