Awarded for outstanding service to the SA Branch with emphasis given to contribution rather than length of service.

Criteria for the Awards of Merit


  2018   Melissa Beames   Constitution Committee/Swim Meet Director/Official
  2018   Robert Harris   Constitution Committee/President/Sponsorship
  2018   Frank Lindsay   Constitution Committe/Member Protection Officer
  2016   Russell Wood   Vice President/OWS Director/Public Officer
  2014   Robert Ferguson   Treasurer/Grants
  2010   Katherine Heenan   Fitness & Coaching Director
  2010   Mike Walker   President
  2009   Craig Smith   President
  2008   Jelle Lahnstein   Aerobic Recorder
  2008   John Trower   Newsletter Editor
  2006   Tim Calver   Secretary/Public Relations Officer/Volunteer Coordinator
  2006   Jeremy Clarke   Registrar
  2006   Andrew Martin   President
  2006   Doug Morton   Vice President
  2006   Claire Nayda   OWS Director
  2006   Brian Skeates   Swim Meet Director
  2005   Jenny Bradley   Vice President/Service to Committee and Swim Meets
  2005   Chloe Steveson   Records
  2004   Leanne Beames   Recorder
  2004   Phillip Beames   Swim Meet Director/Referee
  2004   John Double   Public Relations Officer
  2004   Bill Edwards   Records
  2004   John Gamlen   Secretary/Swim Meet Director
  2004   Grant Hancock   Treasurer
  2004   Sue Harris   Office Holder
  2004   Carrie Hatswell   Service to Swim Meets
  2004   Anita MacDonald   Secretary
  2004   Marjory Muller   Public Relations Officer
  2004   Des Mulqueen   Official
  2004   Mary Phin   Service to Swim Meets
  2004   Lorraine Pietrafesa   Service to Committees
  2004   Bill Stevens   Secretary